Asphalt Driveway

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Asphalt Driveway

We currently have the base coat of our asphalt driveway done and they are coming back this spring to apply the topcoat. The driveway is 15ft wide and then widens to 24ft wide by the garage. The builder used a base of rock mixed with some form of soil that compacted very hard before the asphalt base coat was applied and he applied this rock/soil base for an 18ft wide driveway. The problem is that the 24ft wide section of the asphalt base coat is of course 3ft wider on both sides than the compacted rock/soil base and the extra 3ft has a sand base. The asphalt that has the sand base is crumbling apart slowly as we drive on it. My builder says that it is not a problem and we want the weak parts of the base coat to fall apart and once they put a top coat on it will be fine because the top coat is stronger. I can stand on the edge of the asphalt and break sections off with foot pressure where there is sand but I can't where there is the compacted rock/soil. Just looking for someone else's opinion.
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If the rock/soil base is what is good for most the the driveway, it makes sense that it is good for all the driveway. If the asphalt on the sand crumbles now, it will crumble later. If it crumbles underfoot, what will happen when you park a 4000 pound truck on it? Where will this contractor and your money be later on when this happens? I think that you are asking the right questions.
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I agree. When they build roads you don't see them trying to save money by using a different base material under the shoulders. The good base needs to go under everything. Ask the builder to sign a paper stating that he'll pay to have it repaired or replaced if the asphalt fails over the sand part. I bet he wouldn't touch that with a ten foot pole.


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