how to fix a cracked tile inside chimney ?

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how to fix a cracked tile inside chimney ?

I recently put my house up for sale. The buyer hired a certified chimney inspector to inspect my chimney. Afterwards, the inspector told me that, as a whole, the chimney was in very good condition, but that there was one tile inside the chimney that was cracked. He said that it would not cost much to fix. The next day, I got a message from the buyer of the house. She said that she had talked to man who does masonery work (who does not do tile repair work), who claimed that it would cost $2000 to fix the broken tile. This is because, first, all the tiles inside the chimney would have to be broken and cleaned out of the chimney. Then a steel sleeve (or liner?) would have to be put in. He also recommended a chimney repair service that could do the job. I was just baffled. Since this masonary person does not do this kind of work, how can he give an estimate? Also, is it necessary to remove all the tiles from the inside of the chimney and put in a steel sleeve the only way to repair a cracked tile? It sounds to me like the buyer is trying to get more money out of me. What is the normal way to fix one broken tile? Before I talk to a masonary service myself, I would like to know my options. Since the chimney inspector told me it wouldn't cost much to fix one broken chimney tile, there must be an easier way. If this tile isn't fixed, what will happen? I just had the outside of my chimney serviced two days ago. They fixed the mortar, sealed the chimney, re-did the flashing, put the cap on, etc. Can somebody tell me how this type of problem is usually handled? Thank you.
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Call a chimney sweep and he will fix it for you for minimal cost.
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At my first look, I would say the problem is being over emphasized for the sake of negotiating a sale price.

If the chimney vents a wood burning appliance, every precaution must be taken to assure the safety of the occupants. That includes repairing/replacing the liner or possibly having it relined by professionals using a high temp relining system after carefully breaking and removing the existing clay tiles. Assuming he brick work on the outside is well maintained as you say, the chimney can be repaired in this manner but it can be expansive.

If the damaged tile is near the top, it can very simply be replaced after the chimney is torn down to that Level and rebuilt. Not a big deal and probably a one day job.

If the clay lining is venting a newer gas appliance (which it should not have been used for anyway) it can and should be relined with a smaller stainless steel relining kit which is not all that involved to accomplish.

For now, you need to have the chimney inspected by a masonry or heating contractor of you choosing for an assessment.

Good luck with the repairs.


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