options for botched driveway

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options for botched driveway

We had a driveway poured from the street to the side of the house--not all the way to the back of the house, though, only about four feet past the front. The side of the driveway touches the side of the house for these four feet.

It was poured too high at this end. It drops off about 8 inches at the end and on other side, next to our neighbor's house. There are about four feet of ground between this side and our neighbor's house. We considered many options to fix this drop-off (the end and on the neighbor's side), but we are afraid of directing water to our neighbor's house, which is lower than the driveway.

How hard/expensive would it be to tear out the last section of our new driveway and have it graded lower?

How hard/expensive would it be to extend the driveway, but widen it so that it exends from house to house--an extra four feet?

Thanks, jkm
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So, sounds like the neighbor's property is below the elevation of your property. Too bad for the neighbor. Water seeks it's own level. You have no obligation to construct a driveway that has this habit of attempting to Dam the natural flow of water against your house or yard. If that is what your new concrete is doing then it was engineered and constructed improperly.

If it is your driveway, it needs to shed water away from your structures. Hopefully the neighbors house is not so close that this means there is no escape path other than directly at it. If that is the case and you live within a city perhaps you can divert some of he runoff with a sump and tile to a storm sewer of convenient lower ground. This of course means some demolition of existing drive and subsequent reinstalltion might be in order.

Without witnessing the situation up close.............that's just the way I see it.


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