seal coating, use contractor OR do it myself?


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seal coating, use contractor OR do it myself?

I have a driveway on an incline. I would like to seal it. I think I need one treatment first for the cracks (.25" wide), and another for the entire surface.

Do I do this myself, or have a contractor do it? How long does a treatment last? Because it is on an incline, does it make it slippery in the winter? Does plowing it or shoveling it damage the coating? How should I deal with oil spots on the asphalt, to get rid of them so as to have the seal coat stick?

I realize I need to completely clean the driveway before any such treatment.

If I have a contractor do it, do I ask for a certain kind of sealing? Is that sealing thinner than if I was to do it myself?

If I do it myself, is there a superior coating to apply?

Sorry, so many questions.

This is a new inquiry, not related to my former post.
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Your local hardware or home improvement store should have cleaners to aid in removing oil drips.

If you hire it out it is best to have refferences from satisfied customers. You may get a better or worse job depending on who does the work. Some use better sealer and/or apply it heavier than others.

Like most coatings the price you pay is usually a indicator of the quality. We are lucky here in that we have a local asphalt plant that makes a good sealer and sells it for about half of store prices - you do need to bring your own buckets though.

I have a friend in the driveway sealing business and he has some customers that he reseals for yearly. From what I have seen, most asphalt needs sealing every 3-4 yrs.

I have seen one company that sprays the sealer on but I would be leary as to how well it would last. The correct way to apply the sealer is to pour it on and spread and work it in with a squegee [sp?] It can also be rolled but a roller makes it a little harder to do a good job. Generally the more you apply the better it will look and last. Of course you don't want to apply so much it doesn't soak in or takes forever to dry.

I'm not sure how my pro buddy handles the cracks but would assume you would use an asphalt caulking.

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