Scaffolding needed


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Scaffolding needed

I figured this might be the right forum, as I know you guys use scaffolding more than most other trades.

Background: I'm an electrician and weldor, so I've been on my fair share of scaffolds, but have never needed to contemplate getting it before.

My father-in-law in Cody, Wyoming (near Yellowstone) needs some scaffolding to build a garage for one of his customers. He's a carpenter.

He needs the stackable type, at least four units.

I may be willing to buy it for him, as I'm sure it'll always come in handy. But for those of you who use it often, is it worth buying and shipping there, or renting and shipping there? Nearest real city to him is Billings, MT. So, I'll be doing some searching there, as well.
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Home Depot rents the pipe staging that you are looking for. I'm sure other rental outfits also have it. The stuff is pretty expensive to buy and reasonable to rent. Unless you are going to get a lot of use out of it, it might be smarter just to rent.

I've rented 3 section staging several times. You can fit it all in the back of a pick up.

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