Help with footer for wall


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Help with footer for wall

I'm building a small retaining wall, about 3 feet high one one end (lowering to about one foot at the other side) by 15 feet long. I want to build it out of concrete block so that I can put a stone veneer on it. My question is this: I know I need a footer that's about 16 inches deep (2x8 in depth of wall), but does it have to be poured concrete, or can it be made of solid concrete blocks mortared together? And do I need gravel under it? Thanks in advance!
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As the wall isn't very tall there won't be a lot of weight to support and spread out with a footer. So, from that point of view if you wanted to run solid block perpendicular to the direction of the wall (so they would act as a footer) I wouldn't be too worried. However, since it appears there will be no rebar in this homemade footer I would then worry that if the mortar between two footer blocks crack (and it's likely that it will at some point in the future) there won't be anything to prevent the crack from growing right up thru your wall.

For this size and weight of project I think you can bypass the sand.

One other consideration is where you live are there any building code requirements that may not be addressed by your homemade footer? Will a building permit be required?
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retaining wall

It depends on what your retaining...But the general rule is yes it should be poured concrete, and on the retaining side of the wall...the footing should as wide as 2/3 the height of the pour...
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