Drilling Concrete - Rebar - Oh No

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Drilling Concrete - Rebar - Oh No

I am drilling holes in concrete and I have struck what appears to be rebar on my next to final hole. I have tried drilling it with by regular electric rotary drill and a carbide bit but after an hour of drilling I am getting nowhere. I tried using a little wd-40 for lubrication but that did not seem to help even though it kept the bit cooler than without it. I tried smaller bits to try and at least get a pilot hole but no luck. Is there anything I can do to drill through it? Do I need another kind of bit? or do I need a hammer drill? It would be a big pain to have to move every other hole and who knows I could have bad luck and hit some again. HELP!
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Since you're already down to the steel, switch bits and go with one for steel. As soon as you get through the rebar, switch back to the masonry bit. Make sure the bits are the same size.
How big (diameter) are the holes? A rented core drill is great for larger holes, and goes right through rebar. however, since you're drilling the holes with a regular drill, I imagine that they are just small holes. Good luck.


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