Garage Floor issues.

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Garage Floor issues.

We have a new home and our garage floor has some issues that I could use some advice on.

1. After the slab had the cuts made in it to control cracking, the contractors didn't wash away the concrete dust and it has stained the slab. Can the staining (white chalkiness) be removed with some chemical and if so when should this be done, now or after the concrete has cured. It was just poured yesterday.

2. The contractors finishing of the slab left something to be desired, it has many rough areas. Can I sand these areas down so smooth out the roughness and if so, should this be done now before the concrete cures or should I wait.

3. On one side of the garage opening the slab actually extends 1/8" outside of the garage, beyond the foundation below. Will this pose a problem for me in winter (live in Canada) with potential frost heaving and cracking the slab? Is there any fix for this?

Thanks in advance.

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1. It will wash away with water and minimal elbow grease.

2. It is a garage.

3. It is a garage.
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Garage Floor issues.

It is a garage.

The contractor should have cleaned up a bit after the sawing. Possibly he will when he comes back to caulk (if that is included in your specifications and contract).

The texture and dimensional variation appear to be within normal construction practices and specifications. If you want something beyond normal (like + or - 1/8") you should clearly have it specified in advance in the agreements. The 1/8" is a little extreme and I am sure your rooms are not expected to be within 1/8".

Don't worry about the minor variation in the slab dimension - it will not be detrimental and Mother Nature will never notice it and cause problems.


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