How many days for water curing?


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How many days for water curing?

Hello All...............

I finally got my garage floor done. I took lots of advice I got here and the floor came out quite nicely.

My question is how many days do I need to keep the floor wet to help it water cure? We finished the floor Friday afternoon about 4:00 and we gave it a good soak. I soaked it again that evening, then all day Saturday off an on and again today. My contractor said to wet it down for a couple days b/c the longer it takes to dry the harder the concrete gets. He said I could put a cure and seal sealer on it and be done, or I could keep it wet and let it dry slowly to cure and then put a sealer on it. I decided to water cure it and then put a sealer on in hopes of having a better quality floor. Except for sleeping, I've been trying to keep the floor wet pretty well. (He said I could move things in this weekend but wait for 7 days before putting a vehicle on it.)

How many days do I need to keep this up before I stop wetting the floor and let it dry? I would like to move things into the garage and also get the floor sealed. When I seal it now, what kind of sealer is good to use that will protect the floor but not be too slippery? I don't want a skating rink when winter rolls around and snow melts in there.

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How many days for water curing?

A curing sealer is a convenience used to prevent the concrete from drying out. Concrete needs to be moist (not necessarily wet) to cure.

The normal rule of thumb is just to keep it reasonably moist (internally, not the surface) for about 5 to 7 days by using a sealer or occasional misting depending on the temperarure. Just wet it down or mist it once or twice a day for caouple of days more. If you have a vapor barrier under the slab, moisture cannot escape to the soil below, so it is not as critical.

By the time you read this, your concrete will probably have at least 60% to 75% of its strength by now considering the temperatures recently.

I am not an expert on sealers for finished floors. The sealer your contractor was referring to was meant to retain the moisture. Much of the slipperyness depends on the finish you gave the floor. If you have good concrete, you do not have to protect it, but you may want a surface that is easier the keep clean.

By using water to permit the concrete to cure, you have not contaminated the surface and should not have limitations on what you do with the surface. I am sure you will get may coating suggestions from others more qualified on coatings and treatments.

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As usual, you have answered my questions well. Thank you Dick.

As you said, my guy told me that keeping the water from evaporating from the concrete will help it cure. He told me to keep it wet to help prevent evaporation not necessarily b/c the wetting it would do anything more. I do have the vapor barrier as well.

I guess I'll research sealers and see what is reasonably priced and will seal well. The floor has a nice finish to it and I asked my contractor to not make it too smooth b/c of the slippery issue. He did my parents' garage floor and I've been on my butt a time or two with snowy boots on when trying to work on something. He said "I have been accused of getting them too smooth........." So he didn't go as far with mine.

I'm wondering if I should get a sealer with some sort of grit or sand in it (or simply spread some light sand on the floor when I seal it) to prevent the floor from being too slippery. My little boy was playing in the water as I wet the floor and with shoes he was fine, he took his shoes off (he's two) and his feet went out from under him the first time he started running around.

I am going to seal the floor mostly to help keep it clean, free from stains, scuffs, etc. I am wondering what product can help with these things. I am not really interested in painting it.



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