FibreCrete v Rebar

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Exclamation FibreCrete v Rebar

My builder is not using rebar in the foundation of my home, he said the fibrecrete is better and much more stronger than the rebar. the city code allows this method but I am a bit apprehensive and I was wondering if anyone has any info on this method and whether I should ask the builder to add the rebar.
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FibreCrete v Rebar

If you are talking about a structural foundation (footings, poured wall), there is no comparison. Rebar and well placed concrete is the only thing to use. The mesh does little good in structural concrete.

If someone says it is "much more stronger", I would seriously question his concrete knowledge and method of measuring.

Fiber mesh does not really increase the strength of the concrete, but it can minimize shrinkage cracks.

If you are talking about a slab (floor, driveway or patio), there are three choices - fiber mesh concrete, concrete with rebar and concrete with wire mesh.

If you are pouring a structural slab, use use rebar. Under special conditions you may wish to use fiber mesh also to permit greater rebar spacing. For a floating slab, you can usually use any of the three.

On my last driveway, I used both fiber mesh and 6x6 wire. If I could use just one, I would use the 6x6 wire, since it was mine. I also used 5000 psi air entrained concrete (freeze-thaw resistance.

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Whomever started this nonsense about fibers replacing reinforcing steel needs to be shot. Fibers will decrease surface cracking and increase the overall tensile strength of concrete. They WILL NOT replace wire or rod in structural concrete.

You can get away with only fiber in a patio or a sidewalk, but even in a driveway you are pushing your luck.

In a structural slab you can replace the wire mesh with fiber, but the bar is still required, assuming you are using both.
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I live on the coast in NJ, my garage gets flooded with saltwater 2 or 3 times every winter. I opted for the fibre in '99 when I had the floor poured. So far it is perfect, no cracks anywhere, 24x36 floor.
Mine is a floating slab with wire mesh..
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If your builder is not using rebar in the footings of your home then you need to find a new builder. I'm not sure if there is any building code in the U.S. that allows footers with no rebar. Most codes call for 2 runs of rebar in footers, although on the new house my wife and I are building we put 3 runs throug a 2'x1' footer.

As for the slab itself. Most codes I think allow the use of the fibre reinforced concrete without having to use things like rebar or wire mesh. However for our slab that we are pouring next Thursday (Please dont rain) we will be using 4000ps fibre reinforced concrete with Wire mesh which is already in place. I wouldn't pour a slab anyother way. Also if you decide to use wire mesh it doesn't hurt to use Mesh Ups. If you don't know what they are they are little plastic dodads that hold the wire mesh up in the air so that when the slab is poured the concrete will encase the wire mesh. Lots of times the concrete guys don't bother to pull up the wire as they are poruing and guess what you end up with, a slab sitting on top of wire mesh, might as well have not used it if that happens.

Anyway sorry for rambling but just some food for thought.

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