Correct Process to stucco over Painted Cinder Block Wall?

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Correct Process to stucco over Painted Cinder Block Wall?

I have a 40'L x 10'H cinder block wall that we are in the process of resurfacing. The stucco that was initially put on the walls 12 years ago cracked and/or fell off. The old stucco had no wire framing. There is dirt right up against the back of the wall since it wasn't constructed correctly, so some moisture does get through. We have installed drains and weep holes to help with that. In addition, about a year ago, we painted the wall with a Behr Masonry paint when we removed the old stucco to improve it's appearence.

I was told by one contractor that the new stucco will not adhere to that paint. My wall contractor was not going to wire the wall at all. Of course, I do not think that is correct since it fell off the last time.

My questions are...
-Do you think the wire is necessary?
-If we wire the wall without removing the paint, will the stucco hold to the wire?
-What type of wire and process is best for attaching the wire to the wall?
-Is there a specific stucco that is designed for walls that are exposed to moisture like this or that should be used with the wire?

Any advice is greatly appreciated!!! Lori
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from a new user...


I hope you received answers to your question... did you? If so, how can I view those answers?

Thanks for helping this newbie!

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If you remove at least 80% of the paint in non-contigous areas, and any loose material, you should be to apply stucco directly to the block. Otherwise, you will have to apply lathing.

If it is a retaining wall, as opposed to a freestanding wall, then you will need to take additonal measures, starting with an engineering assesment.

The lathing should be attached with concrete nails or tapcon anchors.

As for the specific type of stucco required, you will need to have the engineering assesment made, or supply more information.

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