Advice for widening our driveway needed

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Question Advice for widening our driveway needed

We have dug out & plan to lay a slab of concrete about 4ftx22ft long this weekend to widen our existing driveway. Would you recommend having the concrete brought in premixed on a truck or getting the redi-made stuff that you add water to? For building the form, the left side of the new driveway will be up next to landscaping brick, but we don't want it to touch it..maybe a 2" gap w/pea gravel between the 2. What do we get to build the form on that side that is flexible (there are also cable boxes we need to avoid there.)

How long do we leave the frame up before we remove it? is supposed to rain the day before & they day after the project. I am in the Pacific NW. Is the rain going to kill the project?

Thanks in advance.
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Why does the form need to be flexible?

Forms need to be ridgid to hold the concrete to the desired shape while it is curing. Forms are usually made with 2x4 material, or 2x6, depending on the thickness of the pour.

I would go with ready-mixed.
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Advice for widening our driveway needed

If you want a curved edge in a portion of the edge, you can use a flexible form material usually available at good building material suppliers. It goes by different names, but I frequently hear the term "bender board" used. Because it is curved and not a rigid, you will need more stakes to form it and hold it.

In a pinch you can use 4" wide strips of masonite and more stakes.

Use an edger to give it a slightly rounded top edge that will look good and not chip.

Use wire mesh or rebar and put in one or two contol joints or just make the joints to match the driveway locations.

You can strip the edge forms after the concrete has set well if poured early in the day or wait until the next day (preferred).

Use ready-mix even though the amount is small - you have two many other things to do like finishing and covering before the inevitable rain. You may pay a small load surcharge, but you get quality and don't have to go get bags, load bags, drive home, unload bags, go get a mixer and then mix slowly before you clean up the junk, get rid of the bags and then take back the mixer.

A hint - you should have concrete left. Form some 2' x 2' slabs to put the excess concrete in. They are handy, but don't make them too thick (heavy).

Good luck.

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As an alternative, look into using concrete pavers, or, if it is an area that will only see occasional use, grass-crete type products.
Both are simpler for a DIY'er and will most likely end up being cheaper and more attractive.

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