What type of foundation???

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What type of foundation???

I'm a life long do-it-yourselfer and understand concrete slabs and foundations, but, I've run into a situation where I'm not sure how to design a concrete slab floor. I am building a small ranch for my wife an myself in the Texas hill country. I plan to put all of my incoming utilities into an out-building, including four 3000 gal. water tanks and treatment equipment, so, one end of the building's slab floor will be thick and heavily reinforced. What threw me was that when I bulldozed the site, (it was a pretty good slope), I found that I had a solid, unbroken, nearly level and flat layer of limestone. I figure that it is between six inches and a foot thick. A 30,000 pound dozer didn't crack it. Most likely below that, is, at least, a couple of feet of hard packed, rotted limestone, known as calichi. It's all very stable and not likely to settle much. Has anyone ever built on that type of grade? I think that it should be just about perfect. An inch or so of construction sand, for leveling, some plastic sheet, (vapor barrier and to allow for the concrete to shrink), and plop the reinforced slab right on it. I do want to tie the slab to the stone, but, I'll go back afterwards, drill some holes and mortar in rebar rods. Does anyone know why this wouldn't work? Has anyone had any experience with something like this.

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You want a floating slab, not one tied to substrate. Just make sure that the slab itself can withstand the PSI of the tanks and structure and let it ride.

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