Walkout basement wall leaking


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Red face Walkout basement wall leaking

We are about to tear out our outside exterior wall to our walkout basement and replace the bottom plate that was supposed to have been treated lumber. It is now rotten from the frequent leaking of the walls. We are going to replace the the wood with block 3 feet up. (NO,it is not a load bearing wall.)
My husband wants to pour tar between the exterior brick on the inside and the new block we are going to have laid to deter any more leaking. Does this sound like a good Idea or not. We are not sure if the outside walls leaks or it comes from the side walls and flow around to the outside wall. We are going to tear out the drywall on the dirt filled sides to see if we can tell where the leaking is coming from and probably install a interior perimeter drainage system. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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I dont get why the bottom plate is bad . It should be P/T wood. What do you have above this wall any flashing that is not right and the water can come from over head???
We are going to tear out the drywall on the dirt filled sides to see if we can tell where the leaking is coming from .
You got it Thats where Id start to look
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I'm sorry but none of this is making any sense to me.

1: I can't imagine how one can blame a block wall for a leak that causes a plate to rot. Does the grade on the higher side of this basement slope towards the house? Does this backfilled grade on the high side extend above the top block course? In other words, if you were to stand on the high side of the house and gaze at the house, how many block courses are visible above grade and does the lawn slope and sidewalks run away from this wall. Do you have gutters and downspouts directed away from the house?

2: Husband wants to pour tar between block wall and brick veneer? Not a good idea at all. The brick veneer has to sit on a ledge or shelf at some point. This shelf should have a flashing extending out over the ledge and joints in brick should be left open or have weep tubes to allow water to pass. Pouring tar down there defeats this reasoning.

3: Walkout basements endure some laws of physics that a house with a fully excavated basement do not have to deal with. A foundation for a walkout basement should be built with that in mind.

Wishing you good luck

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Walkout basement wall leaking

In addition to flashing and weep holes at the bottom of the brick wall, your outside grade should be 6" below the interior floor level.

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