Life of Cement?

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Life of Cement?

Hi, Once I open a bag of cement(powder form) that I brought from lowes or homedepot, and I closed the unused portion in the original paperbags, and bag with trash bags and taped the opening with duct tape. How long can I keep the cement in this condition before it becomes unusable?

Is their a life span once the bag has been opened? thank you.
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As long as the product remains in a powder state it is useable.Once any setting up begins you may recover still powdered material for use but I'd toss it at that point.Most masonry product is inexpensive so you won't be losing much.Weigh that thought before bothering to work too hard too preserve a 3 or 4 dollar item.

Obviously your wrapping as well as humidity and so forth will alter time periods but the product does not "go bad" until it hardens up.
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Life of Cement?

If cement has not been exposed to moisture, it has a very long life.

Once it has been exposed to moisture it begins to set or hydrate. Water is required for it to cure or hydrate.

Once you open the bag, you have expose the cement to moisture. It was very humid and the bag was open for a long while, it could take on moisture since it has that property. If open and sealed quickly it could pick up a minimu amount.

It all depends on the exposure time to determine the life.

When you go to use the cement look for any hard lumps. You will find some lumps in the corners of the bag, but they are because of packing and will break easily.

If you find hard lumps, toss the bag - its not worth keeping. The problem is reall not the cost, but what to do with it.

It is hard to really seal up a bag well.

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Cement set is a chemical reaction that can not be undone. Since it is so cheap, it is better to chunk it and buy another bag when needed. In our dry goods warehouse, anything over a month old is considered to be junk, just from the humidity (generally less than 30% in Austin).

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