Patio Replacement questions..

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Patio Replacement questions..


I'm currently getting bids for the removal of my existing concrete patio (30x30), and the installation of a pavered patio, similiar in size.

Some of the questions I ask potential landscapers for this job are:

1) What would the paver patio consist of underneath? (type of gravel, depth, fill in material, etc.)

2) Why kind of pitch away from my house would the paver patio have?

3) How would the patio deal with drainage.

Now in most cases, I know that patio spaces should be excavated to around 6" and filled up with crushed stone/gravel (4"), and then sand (2"), and then usually filled in with sand between pavers. Usually the perimeter border is plastic which is nailed into the ground using long spikes.

My first contractor proposes to do the following:

1) 4-5" crushed stone base

2) 2" concrete dust

3) Layout the patio pavers

4) Use a "concrete" edge to keep the pavers in place.

5) Use a type of "poly" sand, which contains a sort of glue/resin, which stays flexible but is better than sand. I have the same stuff in my front patio.

My first question is on #2 and #4.

Is concrete dust a superior alternative to the sand?

I've never heard of a concrete edge. The guy took me to one of his finished job sites, and indeed the entire patio is secured by this concrete edging. He installs the concrete edging below the paver so the grass, or whatever else you have up against the pavers can go over it.

Can someone vouch for this method of edging? Pros/Cons versus the usual plastic edging?

In addition, I live in Northern Jersey, and guy has quoted me around 10K for the job of replacing the 30x30 patio, with any of the following brand of paver: Cambridge, Belgard, TechnoBloc. For those in North Jersey is this price in the ballpark?

I have two other contractors coming in the next few days.

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Patio Replacement

Check with the sites for the paving stone suppliers for recommended installation instructions. Belgarde/Oldcastle is a very good supplier.

Usually, 4 to 6" of compacted base is required.

Most instructions suggest a sand setting bed of 1" to initially lay the stone.

Any edging material (plastic, steel, aluminum, concrete units or concrete) is accceptable if it is anchored well anought to provide lateral stability and continuity.

After the pavers are placed, sand (natural masonry sand preferably) should be spread and then vibrated to fill the joints completely and level the patio. A sand setting be that is too thick can lead to difficulty in providing a flat patio.

There are many names and terminology given to materials (especially in the eastern U.S.) that lead to confusion.

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