matching mortor


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matching mortor

i have found a sand that matches my original mortor would just mixing that sand with portland cement give me the desired result? its a yellowish tint so should i use white portland?
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matching mortor

Just matching the sand color is not the key.

The color of the blend of the sand and cementitious materials after it is cured is what counts. You may have to make some samples and let them cure to get the best match.

Do not use just portland cement with the sand. Instead of just portland cement, use a mixture of portland cement and lime OR use a mortar or masonry cement (not a pre-mixed mortar including sand). Then use the sand you choose.

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thanx i should have been more clear....i am doing some pointing repairs on the house!

what is the difference between mortor mix and portland cement? is it the addition of lime?
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Unless you acid wash the joints, you will not really see the sand anyway. That said, you can mix your sand with a Type N masonry cement for the easiest mortar. Different brands and vintages of cement have different colors though, so a perfect match is seldom possible in the short term. Long term (6 months+), the colors even out as they age and get dirty.

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