driveway solution: concrete blocks in grass?

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driveway solution: concrete blocks in grass?

We want to be able to park occasionally in the grassy area behind our short concrete driveway. We have considered extending the drive way with concrete or paving stones bordered by concrete. Someone told me about some type of concrete blocks or stones that are made to be put in the grass and driven on, and I would like to look more into this option. I can't find any information on these, although I may not be describing them very well. Can anybody give me any information? Thanks.
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I know they exist

Can't give you a manufacturer, but our local park used them for a large overflow parking area. It allows for parking when concerts etc. are held in the park and no worries of getting cars stuck in the mud if it had rained for days previous to the event.

From what I saw when they were constructing the parking area, they set the blocks side by side and infilled with soil/sand and planted grass seed.

I'm sure a local distributor for cinder blocks or block retaining walls would either have them in stock or could readily obtain them.
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Look for something called grass-stone or grass-crete.
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driveway solution: concrete blocks in grass?

Another couple of other names to look for are "Monoslabs" or "Grass Pavers". They have been used through Europe for many years and I have seen a number of installations in the U.S.

I saw them used as service drive across a park to a pool pump house. They held up well, but the second year the grass grew so well they had trouble finding the service drive. They have also been used for fire lanes around apartment buildings when they did not want to encourage car traffic.

These units must be laid on a decent base to support a car, so normal soil is usually not good enough. They are usually about 16" x 24" or so and 3 1/2 to 5" thick (very heavy).


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