block foundation pushed in

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block foundation pushed in

My basement foundation has pushed in an inch about 3/4 of the way down on one wall over the winter. I heard I could dig out the side of my house, push the blocks back into place and fill the blocks with cement from the top to maitain the structural intergrity of the wall. I want to know if this is a good idea, and if so what is the best way to push the blocks back into place?
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This is why I HATE block foundations. You are talking about a lot of digging, plus you have to relive the weight of the house from that wall before you attempt to push it out. Than you have to run planks along the area of the wall that is bowed in and attach 4x4ís to them. The 4x4ís should be attach to a house jack (the screw type). NOW where to attach the house jacks can be a problem, I would angle them down and brace them to where the opposite wall meets the basement floor, butÖ you may risk damage to the opposite wall, especially if the weight of the house is not completely relived from the damaged wall OR if you do not remove all the earth from the exterior side of that wall.
So you have two jobs to do that involve house jacks, first relive the house weight from that wall and second, to push the wall back into placeÖ and Iím not even sure that will work, good luck!
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block foundation pushed in

Your problem is not with the materials, but with the construction. Block and concrete can be the same strength, but the problem is not strength.

You probaly do not have working drain tile, so the hydrostatic pressure moved the wall.

In any case you have to take the load off the foundation before you do anything. After that, you should remove the bad soil and install drain tile.

Remove the wall. If it was concrete, this would be required. Since you have gone through the work, you might as well remove the block wall and replace it. Dumping it full of concrete will not make it any stronger than it was before it cracked.

Backfill with good weel draining soil, so the drain tile can do its job of getting rid of the water.

Your horizontal crack is a classic sign of a structural failure due to excessive soil pressure. It is always 1/3 to 3/4 of the way up the wall. When you go to sell the house, the crack will be a sign of a problem to the buyers home inspector if you leave the wall. If you replace the wall AND have a permit to prove it was done right, you will not have the future problems.


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