paving stones, sloping grade, step, edging

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paving stones, sloping grade, step, edging

I'm considering 10 feet or so of paving stones behind our driveway. The driveway goes from the street to the side of our house (no garage). It stops a few feet beyond the front of the house. It was poured too high and the yard also slopes toward the back of the house. So, this end of the driveway nearest the house is now 14.5 inches higher than the ground at the back of the house (31 feet between highest and lowest point), with about 6 inches of this being the driveway sticking out of the ground next to the house.

I want to fix this in a way that looks nicer than just building the dirt up to the edge of the concrete then planting grass. Also, our neighbor's house is very close, and their basement window glass is at ground level. So, if we just build up the dirt, we will need a short retaining wall for part of the distance back since we can't raise up their grade and our yard would be higher than theirs.

So, is there a way add a level paving stone patio/extension on the end of the driveway, then put in a step down to the yard on the other side of the patio, to account for the change in grade in the yard. How is this done? I know the stones on can't just sit on top of the ground on the end where the ground slopes down. (I know I will have to put in a drain on my neighbor's side next to the patio and already have some ideas about this).

Also, what type of edging would be best? It seems like a concrete edging would look nice, especially since the driveway is contrete, and that a do it yourselfer could do this for this small area. If the edging is concrete, how wide and deep should it be for the midwest? Also, what if I want to pull a car on the patio in a pinch, say once a month? Would the paving stones quickly shift and look bad? I was planning on just using the standard (I assume) aggregate, sand, compactor method--no mortar between.

Thanks, Julie
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paving stones, sloping grade, step, edging

It sounds like a good application of segmental retaining wall block surrounding a interlocking paving stone surface. Both are DIY projects and none require use concrete or mortar.

For ideas, look at the sites for retaining wall units since they are often used with paving stones and many retailers sell both. There is no limit to the ways the materials can be combined.

The best sites to look at are: Allan Block, Anchor Wall Systems, Keystone Retaining Walls and Versalok. All of these systems are very similar regarding use and are made domestically and internationally by local plants.


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