increase rise on front stoop

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increase rise on front stoop

Hi! I'm selling my house and the buyer's inspector pointed out that the rise from my front stoop to the door of the house is too big. The stoop is concrete, and the step up to the door is about 12". From what I've read, 7-8" is ideal for a rise on other kinds of steps--I guess this is true of the front stoop.

The buyer now wants me to "increase the rise of the front stoop" and someone told the agent that it would be "an easy thing to fix." Can anyone describe what needs to be done, so I can determine if this is something I want to fix? I can't think of how to increase the rise of the stoop without repouring it.

The stoop is concrete, and there are bricks on top of the stoop supporting the metal base (tread) of the door, if that makes sense. I guess we could build a brick step on top of the stoop, but it seems then the rise would be 6", which is too small.

Thanks for any help!
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increase rise on front stoop

Raise the step up to the "stoop" to 7 or 8" (whichever agrees with the local code and variation from the other steps. This will comply with the code requirements for safety. You can do this with either brick of concrete, whichever is best for the situation. The inspector properly caught an obvious safety issue.

It is not necessary for the elevation difference between a stoop and the threshold to be the same as the difference between the steps. A difference between the stoop and the of 3 of 4" should be accepable.

The stoop or landing should be an area where people can stand before walking into (not up) the house.

I hope this suggestion fits your situation.


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