Emergency help!? I messed up!

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Emergency help!? I messed up!

Looking for tips .... finished putting in 500+ sq ft of pavers last night, this morning I was spreading sand to fill in, it started to rain, I figured no big deal. Then something didn't seem right, and I realized one bag of "sand" was actually "sand topping mix" (damn mixed up shelves at the big-box store!) which contained portland cement. I rinsed and cleaned the stuff off as fast as I could, but some settled and hardened on top of the pavers. I'm keeping it moist, and scrubbing as well as I can with a wire brush. But even after the pavers look halfway decent, they of course dry with a white concrete haze, and this doesn't look real good.

Any tips what to do in my situation? Either to better remove the concrete other than wire brushing by hand? Or to eliminate the haze?

Working my fingers to the bones here, when I thought I'd be done by now.

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If there's actually still concrete on top, you may simply be screwed. If it is just a cement "haze" as you stated, it can be removed with either a brick wash such as masons use after finishing a job, available from a contractor's supply (probably not a big box store). Or you can go with a diluted muriatic acid solution (10 parts water, 1 part acid) and a stiff brush such as concrete finishers use to clean the haze from exposed aggregate. First though, you may want to try a commercial grade gas powered pressure washer (at least 3,000 psi). It's always best to go wih the simplest fix and move toward the more extreme. Don't fool with an electric pressure washer or a homeowner's model. They won't cut it at all. Good luck.

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Use a product such as Sure Klean 600 as soon as possible and follow directions EXACTLY. It is not a homeowner product, and it is possible to screw the pavers up worse than they are, but it will remove small amounts of cement and the haze if used according to directions. DO NOT use a pressure washer with any type of acidic cleaner!
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Recently I posted a thread with the same basic question. Since I hadn't received any responses here, I continued to research internet sites, local and national concrete professionals.

As Pecos suggested here, I solved the concrete problem by using 1:10 Muriatic solution. It worked great, even on the thin layer of concrete. Be sure and use gloves and have a stiff plastic brush to rub while the acid does it's work. Rinse after scrubbing and reapply if necessary.

It was actually a very quick and surprisingly easy fix. Good luck.

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