Is there any way to 'cut' concrete blocks?

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Is there any way to 'cut' concrete blocks?

There are many 16 x 8 x 2 concrete blocks I purchased from Home Depot. We're working all around the corners of the shed laying them not to splash mud when heavy rain falls on. Some of them, I need to cut them in order to lay nicely on two corners meet.

Wonder whether I am able to cut, ... not precisely but close to the size to lay them nicely?

Is there any tool for cutting concrete blocks? If does, where am I able to find it? We'are an ordinary home-owner, then there is no pro-connection to find one.

Thanks for your help in advance.
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You can buy either diamond-tipped or fiber blades to fit any regular 7 1/4 inch circular saw. They also make the same types of blades to fit on grinders, etc.
Or you can rent a gas or electric powered concrete saw from a rental facility. Good luck.

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You can get a close 'cut' by tapping along a line with a hammer at the point you want the block to split.

For your application, it would seem this would be enough.
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Cutting Blocks

There is also available a masonry chisel with a blade approximately 3 in. wide which can be used to score the block and then break it. Good luck with your project.
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If you are going to use a brickset to cut anything other than rough 1/2's, buy 2 to 3 times more block than you will need. Or, just spend 5 bucks for a carborundum blade for your skill saw and be done with it.

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