12" to 8" block to create a brick ledge

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12" to 8" block to create a brick ledge

What is the proper way to transition from a 12" to 8" foundation block. When doing so, there is only a small point of contact between to two blocks. Is this enough mortar to hold ?
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There is 8" of mortar contact. Maintain the inner plane of the wall and continue. Grout the top course of 12" (bond beam) solid.
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12" to 8" block to create a brick ledge

You really do not have much vertical load on a basement wall. Because of this, I have seen 8" laid on 12" and have never heard of a problem. That being said, it is very poor construction that even a poor inspector would catch. This is when an inspector is protecting the person from himself.

When going from a 12" block wall to an 8" wall wirh a brick ledge you have two choices:

1. The ideal way is to make the last course of 12" a bond beam that is filled with grout. You use a "U" spaped block. After that you have a solid unit that you can lay the 8" block and the brick on.

2. In many areas, 12" solid top block are available. These provide a good surface to lay the 8" block and brick on.

Make sure you install flashing under and behind the brick, and slip it under the house wrap or building paper. Provide weep holes ever 24" on the bottom course of brick.


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