Removing asphalt driveway

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Removing asphalt driveway

I am seriously thinking about pulling up the asphalt drive in our front yard. We have a huge front yard but the original owners put in a semicircle drive along with connected drive to the garage and a place to park a boat. It's just too much and it's never been cared for so the weeds have grown into it in a big way. It's crumbling, not salvagable, and detracts from the what I think could be a beautiful yard.

It's thirty years old, not in good condition but it is a large area. A landscaper told me a team of 3 could pull up a small portion (the boat parking) in a day.

What do I need to pull it up? Is this realistic?

It's also lined with these cement cylinders. I'm sure that was meant to create a curb but it's awful looking. I'd like to take those up as well. That won't be a problem.

We also have some drainage problems right now. Our house is at the bottom of a slope so our garage and front porch floods. The driveway acts like a culvert so I *believe* taking it up will improve things. However, we are installing a grate in front of the garage and I know we'll need to put down soil to match the ground level around it. We'll also need to plant something so it doesn't erode. Or put something down. What would that be?? Are my drainage problems going to get better or worse??

Let me know if this is realistic and what tools I'll need. That would be most helpful

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A team of 1 could do the whole thing in a day (or two) if he rented a bobcat (skidsteer loader) and had a dumpster or two delivered. Honestly, I do this all the time. Call a rental yard and order a bobcat to be delivered. A larger sized one with rubber tracks instead of wheels would be best, as they are much more powerful, but a bit more expensive. Get a toothed bucket instead of a smooth-edged one. When it is delivered, have the rental guy show you how to use the controls. You can play around on the driveway for about 10 or 20 minutes and learn all you need to know. They are incredibly simple to use.
Before you do this, call a dumpster place and order a dumpster to be delivered. Tell them what you're putting into it so they'll know what size to send. Around here, depending on who I rent from they will send either a 15 or 20 cubic yard dumpster for about $275. You can fill it to the top, but not mounded over or it will be too heavy for the truck to lift. Do not put ANY trash or brush into the dumpster, or they will charge you more. Just asphalt, dirt, stone, brick, or concrete.
Depending on how big the driveway is, you may be able to get by with one dumpster. Asphalt, especially old, brittle asphalt, comes up VERY easily.
Before any of this though, call an underground locator to mark any electrical, phone, or cable wires, gas or water pipes, etc., and call the city street dept. to see if you need a permit to set the dumpster on the street. This is truly a do-able DIY project, and a fun one as well. A day on a bobcat is sometimes better than a day at the amusement park. Good luck!


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