driveway sealer questions from complete newbie

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driveway sealer questions from complete newbie

This'll be my first time sealing a driveway. I got a `resurfacer' from a local big national hardware store. A few questions please !

1) Slipperyness. My driveway is on a hill. Will the sealed driveway be more slippery than asphalt?

2) The instructions say to apply one coat, or two thin ones 5-6 hours apart. Will not two coats mostly fill the deeper spaces of the pebbles of the asphalt and make the surface much more smooth? (and slippery)

3) If I seal now (to extend the life of the existing asphalt), will that in any way interfere when I get the driveway overlayed with another layer of asphalt in the future? Will the aspault adhere properly?

4) Will sealing it actually extend the life of my driveway?

5) Will snowplowing screw up the seal?

Thanks in advance. I need to get cracking and seal this up before it gets cold and wet outside.

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Hey Dave

I'm no driveway expert but have a friend that has an asphalt sealing business so I'll attempt to answer your questions.

#1 - yes but depends a lot on how rough/slick the asphalt was installed
#2 - the best way to apply the sealer is to flood the asphalt with it and work it in/around with a squeegee. Applied heavily 1 coat is sufficent.
#3 - I don't know
#4 - yes!!
#5 - don't know - we don't get enough snow for it to be a factor here

hope this helps,

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