Advice needed re deteriorating concrete slab foundation

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Advice needed re deteriorating concrete slab foundation

The concrete slab foundation in the kitchen area beneath my linolium floor has deteriorated and pushed up the flooring. The concrete has been found to have a very high moisture content and on inspection (core sample) was found to have very rough and uneven surface on top of which was a layer of filler coat topped by a leveling compound. The concrete itself is 3" to 3 1/2" deep. Beneith the slab is 3"-4" of fill on top of a 6 mil vapor barrier. Leak tests do not indicate a leak in the water pipes into or out of the house and the source of moisture is not known. The house is 22 yrs old and the crowning of the original linolium began 4-5 yrs after the house was built. A second linolium floor was put down 10-12 yrs ago and is now also ruined. Question--Is the moisture in the slab a symptom of poor or defective concrete put down by the home builder or is the moisture (regardless of the source) the cause of the concrete deterioration. Can the existing concrete be repaired of does it have to be broken up,removed and and new concrete poured in place? There are signs of effloresence in the garrage slab but no breaking up of the concrete. Thanks.
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did you have any,,,

soil sampling done ?,,, very possible you've got expansive soils which're common in various parts of the country,,, not sure who did your core sample testing but suspect they may've been only ask'd to evaluate the conc while soil's the 1st question you need answer'd.

far's the concrete, yes, it can be repair'd but nothing's glaringly in error far's original placement that hasn't been fix'd satisfactorily to residential standards,,, 'sides, who's liable now ?,,, those guys got paid & they're gone.

'leak tests' ???,,, of what, water pressure in the piping, trench draining, soil ?,,, need DATA ! ! !,,, do wonder why a 2nd floor surface was install'd w/o determining causes.

these are things i'd want to know - your questions aren't difficult but let's find out MORE 1st.

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