Floating rock driveway

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Question Floating rock driveway

I have just finished spreading 90 ton of 1 1/2" rock on my drive. The original drive was put in about 6 months ago. Heavy trucks and rain during house construction caused huge ruts and the stone buried into the ground. My problem is, the drive was pretty muddy and had a lot of standing water in the area. After I spread the new rock, I have noticed the ruts are back and you can stay on the rock and it will give. Not just your footprint but maybe a foot all around. It sort of spongey. What can I do, other than wait for hot dry weater.
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Generally it is best to start with a larger rock on soft soils, let it get packed in and then finish with a finer rock.

Can you cut a ditch to drain or otherwise keep the road drier?
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Methinks you might be using the wrong type of rock.

Not any rock will do.

The most prevelent type for a drive is crushed concrete.

The second type for a drive is lime rock.

Both of those type of rocks harden over time with water.

The only thing some don't like crushed concrete is the amount of dust that kicks up when driven across if the driveway is long and the climate is dry.

Typically, the best way to spread both types of appropriate rock is to compact it and wet it for a few days.

Good Luck
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Your best bet now would be to add some small rock on top and let it work its way down and in-between the large ones. Whoever sold that large rock to you and delivered it and/or spread it should have known better and warned you it would/could not pack itself in.

Think about marbles squishing around in a bowl ... and now think of them packed with sand in the same bowl: no more movement.
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90 Tons ? ? ?

shouldda used 87's, 89's, or a graded aggregate base,,, in nydot terms, item 4; gadot, gabc,,, & whoever heard of rock hardening over time when its exposed to water ?,,, been building roads for 35 yrs & that's a new 1 to me.

get a front end loader & get that stuff outta there,,, perhaps leave some for a base but use smaller stuff on top,,, ditches're EXTREMELY important - keeps the water out of the base so it won't soften,,, wouldda been nice if the seller'd known the purpose of the stone OR you might've shared that w/him but its there now.

your best bet's hiring a driveway bldr to come mentor you now,,, but that's just my opinion,,, your mileage may vary !

best !

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