Concrete Garage Floor After I built my garage

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Concrete Garage Floor After I built my garage

So I built a 24' x 24' garage. Its actually built like a pole barn but I ran verticals inside to install insulation and hang drywall. I have been searching around here on how to pour my concrete floor. I have done some concrete work in the past, a 10x10 patio with a 16' sidewalk attached to it. I am getting a bit concerned about a few things with this project though.

I will run it down and let me know if I am missing something. First off I am located in the north east so I am in a freeze thaw climate. I am planning on pouring a 4" slab that is 24' x 24' with 4000psi w/ fiber mesh. As of right now my sub base is about 6" of very compact crusher run. I am planning on running the form right around the inside perimeter of the building and directly attaching it to the 6x6's, i will leave this form in for good. The reason I want to do this is because I know that way my form is perfectly level and this gives me a board to set the drywall on to keep it off the concrete. I am concerned about being able to screed an area this big. I was thinking of using some kind of 1x to split it up into 4 sections. This would act as my contraction joint and as a midpoint to screed on. I would rather not do that as I would rather use zipstrips for my contraction joints, if I do this how do I screed the area? I am not concerned about edging it as I will be leaving the form in place. For finishing I was planning on using just the standard 48" magnesium bull float. The finish doesn't need to be finished like the floors in homedepot or lowes as I plan on using an epoxy garage floor finisher that will dry with a nice finish. Will a bull float smooth the concrete out enough for that or do I need to use a finish trowel?

So in short I think I have it down
tamp out the air by walking around in the wet concrete especially by the edges
bull float
let cure but keep moist for 48hrs

thanks sorry for being so long
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Concrete Garage Floor After I built my garage

Don't fotget about the control joints. Form while finishing or saw late that day or early the next.

You did not say where you are, but you may want to consider air-entrained concrete to make the floor more resistant to salt and freezing damage.

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