barn floor

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barn floor

I have an older barn that has a lean-to attached. The two "rooms" of the barn have a concrete floor with a foundation higher than the floor. I live in NE Indiana and will have freeze and thaw.

Here is my plan:

1. I would like to pour concrete to level the floor in the two "rooms" of the barn, about 3"-5" thick (I have not measured yet).

2. I would like to pour a slab to match the flooring in the other "rooms" with building a form on the outside of the 4x4 posts that hold up the lean-to. The end result would be a level floor across entire area of the barn.

now my questions...

Can I pour concrete on top of old concrete floor?

Do I need to dig out the lean-to dirt floor to add base material or can I lay it out on the existing dirt floor?

How do I calculate how much concerte I will need to have delivered?

Any comments would be appreciated.
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There is your ready mix calculator ^^^^

You can pour over the existing concrete except I'm wondering if doing that would put stress on the foundation. The 3 or 5 inches that you want to pour would push outwards. I would take a picture of it and ask an architect.

The lean-to shouldn't be a problem. I would dig down a few inches.
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You can pour atop old concrete, but if there are cracks in the existing slab, you need a bond-breaker between the old and new, or the cracks will transfer up into the new slab. I use roofers felt paper. You lay it over the old slab and pour the new salb on top of it. Basically, you're just pouring a new slab atop very hard fill (the old slab).
I would make sure the fill in the unfinished "room", be it the existing dirt or comapcted stone, is at the same level as the old slab. That way, your new concrete will be the same thickness all over, which is very important. Be sure to cut joints in the new concrete, with one being directly over where the old floor ends. If you don't, the floor will crack over that spot as well as randomly across the entire area. Good luck.


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