Pouring Concrete Slab/Attaching 2x4 walls???

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Pouring Concrete Slab/Attaching 2x4 walls???

I'm planning to expand my garage by buiding a addition to the side of it for extra storage. I will be pouring a new concrete slab approximately 4" to 5" thick. I very much dislike trying to drill in hard concrete after it sets. I will be having 2x4 walls.

What I need to know before I get started is how to attach the 2x4 walls to the concrete slab. Not sure if I should put in some type of bolts or anchors or straps in wet concrete slab right after pouring cement slab and if so how many ever so many feet? Is there a way to know exactely where to place them so the 2x4 walls will line up? I guess I need to make sure they're not where a stud will be.

Do I need to use pressure treated 2x4 for the bottom plate of 2x4 wall?

Any help would be greately appreciated.

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Pouring Concrete Slab/Attaching 2x4 walls???

You definitely need treated wood for your bottom plate. Make sure you use the proper nails for attaching the non-treated wood to the treated wood.

Regarding the anchor bolts or attachment to the slab - even if you do not get a permit, check with a local building official or code office to see what the recommendations are for bolt spacing/sizes and if a thickned edge is required. - You did not say where you are, so it will be impossible to give you a reasonable answer here.

It would be a shame to see a poorly anchored shed pull over your garage and/or garage roof in a big wind storm. You are adding area, so it should be anchored accordingly.


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