new driveway

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new driveway

I'm in the process of getting bids for my driveway and would like some info..How deep should it be poured...should i get fiber in the concrete...what is the approx cost per yard is a reasonable price topay...what should I look out for...Thanks
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It should be poured a minimum of 4" thick. If you are in a freeze/thaw area it should be air-entrained concrete. It should be at least 4,000 psi and in my opinion the fiber certainly can't hurt. It only adds about $7/yard so it's good insurance. You may want to consider some strategically placed rebar as well, or skip the fiber and rebar and go with wire mesh. I personally like the fiber/rebar combo.
Things to look out for are:
1) proper base prep (should have compacted stone beneath it and no spongy areas.
2) Proper slope away from the house/garage (1/8 to 1/4 inch per foot of run minimum.
3) Expansion joint material needs to be placed between the pour and any rigid surface such as an abutting slab or wall.
4) concrete not poured too wet. Many contractors pour too wet and the concrete is much weaker as a result. The very wettest a pour should be without plasticizers is about a 5.5 to 6 inch slump (a measure of concrete consistency). Ask your contractor if you don't understand this.
5) Water should not be added to the surface to aid in finishing as this will weaken the surface as well.
6) Crack control joints should be correctly placed and spaced, either by tooling them in while the concrete is wet or sawing them in AS SOON AS THE CONCRETE IS HARD ENOUGH. The joint needs to be a minimum of 1" deep on a 4 inch thick slab. Try to keep the jointed sections of concrete 10' x 10' or smaller.
7) Hire a reputable contractor and go see examples of his work prior to using him. Don't just go with the low price or it's likely to bite you.

Concrete should cost in the neighborhood of $100 per cubic yard, give or take.

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