RAMSET into Cinder Block...is it ok to do?

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RAMSET into Cinder Block...is it ok to do?

Whats up Y'all?

Ok on to my question....I just got myself one of those RAMSET nail drivers and my plan is to attach furring strips to a cinder block wall.

Can I drive the nails into the actual block or do I need to drive the nails into the mortar between the blocks only?

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mortor between the blocks only. usually if you try to set them into cmu you will crack them.

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Manual drive or powder actuated? Ramset can mean either to some folks (like me...lol).
If manual, totally agree with speedwrench.

If powder, using the right nails and loads, you can usually set anywhere. You may get some minor spalling on the inside of the block, but it's not too bad, WITH THE RIGHT NAILS AND LOADS. The problem is if you use the loads for the open web part of the block, and hit the solid part, they may not sink flush. If you use the loads for the solid part, you may crack the thinner hollow part.
Plan carefully and use adhesive properly on the back of the strips, the fasteners then only have to hold it till the adhesive sets up. I've used (and seen it said here) PL400 with good results.

EDIT: Ahh one thing I noticed...you said cinder block. All my work has been with concrete block, not the lighter more brittle cinder type...so grain of salt is advised.

The above is based on my admittedly limitted experience. I've done some attachment to my exterior block fence/retaining wall and for paneling in offices at 50yr old block warehouse. Nothings fallen off...yet..lol

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