Brick exterior

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Brick exterior

I have posted before regarding my chimney which I don't use. I was told I need it repointed ($1,600). Is there a more inexpensive way to handle this? Could I cover it with a sealant so the moisture can't penetrate it? My plaster is bubbling inside my house and it lines up perfectly with the chimney. I can't repoint myself, but I can't believe there's not another cheaper alternative. Please help.
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As a rule, if it has deteriorated to the point it requires tuckpointing, then simply sealing it will not do any good. The sealers can not bridge cracks and gaps.
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Sorry if I should have started a new thread, but my question is related to this topic.

My son is renovating a house. He, too, has bubbling plaster inside but it's below two windows. The exterior is brick. Just below the windows, a row of bricks lays basically perpendicular to the wall brick. It also is sloped downward slightly, sloping down on the outer end of the bricks, of course. Does that make sense? If not, I'll take a photo later today or tomorrow and post it.

I suspect some moisture is seeping down through that row of bricks at the base of the windows; the mortar between some of those bricks shows some deterioration. I scraped out some crumbling mortar between two bricks, to a depth of 3/4 to 1 inch, mixed some Quickrete Mortar, and filled in that gap.

A day or two later, I examined the mortar I had applied and found that it crumbled away with just slight probing with a screw driver.

I'm no expert with bricks and mortar but, a few years ago, I put up a small brick barrier about 8 feet long between my driveway and an elevated flower bed and that has held up well. I used the same Quickrete Mortar mix then.

One thing that was different with windows on my son's house is that the gap between those bricks is smaller than the normal 3/8 inch or so in brick walls. This gap was only about 1/4 inch, as I recall.

I can just try putting mortar in again but I don't see how anything is going to change. Should I be using a different product for this?

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