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Question Chimney Repair

Wondering if anyone out there had an idea to solve my chimney problem. The recent ice storm severely damaged our chimney, causing some massive chunks of rock and cement to come crashing down onto our driveway. We definitely need a mason to build a new chimney, but none are available for a couple months. I need a way to reinforce the chimney (we do not use the fireplace so smoke and heat is not an issue) such that it does not continue to rain down chunks of debris. It's a considerable safety issue as both people and cars are forced to walk/drive by the side of the chimney where chunks are falling. I thought of spraying insulating foam in the holes and cracks to help provide support and bind the loose parts... will this foam simply expand more and destroy the chimney further? I am stuck and need some helpful advice, much appreciated...
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I would hire a general contractor to dismantle the chimney below a height that prevents falling debris from damaging anything. Say 8 foot high. Because no-one can get there for at least a couple months and it will need torn down to a stable base anyway before it can be repaired. I do not know how high the chimney is but anything above the roofline is subject to falling. I would dismantle the chimney to at least the roofline and cover the opening until it could be rebuilt.
I think the foam would be more harm than good trapping moisture and causing more damage. Trying to glue it together could actually cause larger pieces to fall.
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Excellent advice. When chimney is rebuilt, you will need a properly built crown and a cap to prevent moisture from seeping behind stones and mortar. The freeze/thaw cycle causes stones and mortar to fail.
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I am a 32 year prof. Mason Call a mason to come out and get Io the to shake and remove all loose materials. You say can't find one. You don't need a mason to do that. Just remember if there is a couple of feet of tear down ALL chimneys should be a Min of 2' above ant object 10' in radius or more if trees are close. Treat this seriously because of injury or death
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