Concrete Cost

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Concrete Cost


I am currently getting bids on having a driveway (80' x 12') put in. Does anyone know how much it costs to have a truck come and poor the concrete. I am wondering because I have a guy who said he will work for $300 a day and $600 on the day of the poor. This doesn't include material. This is for the San Diego Area. Thanks
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Costs vary among companies in areas. Shop around and get bids. Costs also vary from area to area, so it's difficult to offer estimated costs.

Simply don't know what 'day of poor' means. Is this something related to a local cultural thing?

If installation costs more for 'day of poor,' then schedule when it's not 'day of poor.'

Shop around and get 3 or more quotes. Check references. Do your research. Friends and family tend to be the best resources for recommendations.
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He meant "day of the concrete pour" as in, "when the really hard work takes place". Depending on how good the guy is, it may or may not be worth it. I would get quotes from actual licensed contractors if I were you. Concrete is not something you want to mess with yourself.
Consider what happens if your golden boy bites off more than he can handle and the concrete sets up before it's finished. You're left with a bad job and absolutely no recourse. The ready mix concrete company will get their money from you no matter what. You can't sue the guy to get your money back because he was just working for you, the contractor, on the side.
Around here, delivered concrete is around $110-$120 per cubic yard. That price is for delivering it to your site and unloading it where you tell them to, nothing more. The driver does not help you pour or finish the concrete. An 80 x 12 driveway is much more than a one man job, even if the guy is good. At the absolute minimum, it would take 2 skilled and knowledgeable guys. My partner and I form, pour and finish concrete driveways for around $4 per square foot in Indianapolis. This price does not include removing existing concrete or asphalt, which costs an additional $2 per square foot. Therefore, in Indianapolis your 80 x 12 here would cost about $3,840, or $5,760 if removing an old driveway. I'm sure it'll be higher in San Diego. Good luck.
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Concrete Cost

comes to buying concrete one of the major costs is delivery and can represent over 20% of the cost. Because of this, location in proximity to the plant is important.

You may find some producers that are better suited for driveway construction and understand the importance of the timing of the loads to keeps thing moving at a predictable pace if placement and finishing. Some concrete producers are better suited to the big deliver and dump commercial projects. An established contractor may be able to get a better price because of past business and a long term relationship with the supplier. Many concrete producers shy away from DIYers or beginners because of the extra costs of supplying them.

Make sure you have enough people to handle, place and finish the driveway. Make sure sure everything in the way of preparation (grading and forming) is ready a day ahead. Make sure your contractor is understands the need for control joints and hopefully will saw them as soon as possible to control any cracking, so it will not be seen.

Make sure you have enough concrete. Nothing is worse than coming up a little short and have a bad job because of it. It is smart to have something like an optional sidewalk ready to dump any excess concrete in and not have to waste it. A good contractor will be able to adjust the last load to make things come out right.

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