Concrete Floor: Paint/Stain/Epoxy?

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Question Concrete Floor: Paint/Stain/Epoxy?

Howdy All:

I'm looking for advice on an interior concrete floor.

I did some searching and found that clean and dry is crucial. My question is in regards to the actual paint/stain/treatment.

I saw some threads in regards to Latex, Concrete Paint, Stain, epoxy... etc.

Anyone have some pros/cons of any of these? Obviously low-cost and ease of application are high on the list.

Thanks in advance.
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Stain is the cheapest/easiest. Stains rarely peel but will wear away with traffic and need recoating periodically. There is also an acid stain that isn't a solid color and requires a clear coating applied to protect.

Epoxy coatings will wear the longest but require better prep and there needs to be a good moisture barrier under the slab.
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a good paint is the least of hassle. Stain is the most hassle you need to acid detergent it down etc ect for the stain to suck in. Epoxy thats used for garages is the best and with that you can have texture for non slip. Ive used commercial garage epoxies in shops and the "moisture barrier" is not an issue For them to stay in business as a paint supplier the moisture would always be and unknown unless new concrete
See the sales would be so low they would have no sales on older concrete floor
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epoxy flooring in basement

I did my basement with Epoxy last Fall. It looks great. You can see all the details and how I did it at A lot of Fall Projects!

hope this helps!

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They've all got their ups and downs. It really just depends on what you want it to look like. Paint and pigmented concrete stain will look like painted concrete; all one color.
Acid stain will look mottled and more natural, similar to marble or stone.
Epoxy will look very shiny and the final appearance will depend on the applicator's expertise. Some will look like paint with flakes on top, some will just look like paint, and a real pro can make it look swirled and cool.
The cheapest and easiest initially will be paint, but it will be a maintenance issue down the road. The most durable will be epoxy. In my opinion, acid stain will look the best. Go to Concrete - Contractors, Info and Ideas - The Concrete Network to see a lot of examples of different concrete treatments. Good luck.
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Smile One part or two part

I've used both 1 part and 2 part epoxy coatings. And although the 2-parts hold up longer, the application is a bit more trouble.

For your situation, I would use a 1-part epoxy like Seal-Krete Epoxy Seal, from Lowe's. It's a good product and I've had good success with it.

The key is proper preparation. You can use the water drip test. Apply small drops of water to the concrete slab, if it soaks in right away, your concrete is ready for a coating. If the water beads or stays on top, you will need to acid etch or grind the floor.

If water will not penetrate, a 1-part epoxy will not adhere.

If etching or grinding is not an option, you can use a 2-part epoxy, which can be applied to smooth non-porous concrete.

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