Pouring Potio With Bags of Quik Crete

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Pouring Potio With Bags of Quik Crete

I have access to free bags of quik crete that have been ripped or broken open. I don't want to pass up the deal. I want to use them to pour a 12'x15' patio pad 4" thick. I also have access to an electric mixer, but it will only mix an 80 lb. bag at a time. Would it be possible to do the project straight through or would it need to be done in stages?
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You do realize that it will take over 100 bags of cement, right?

Besides having to lift 8,000 lbs in a few hours' time... I image that even if you feel fresh when you start, by about the 20th bag you'll be getting pretty doggone tired.

but let's say you could average one bag mixed AND dumped every 3 minutes. That would be 20 bags per hour. At that rate, you could mix and dump all 100 bags in just 5 hours! But you also need to level and screed each bag you pour. 100 blobs of cement would probably look pretty patchy by the time you were done. Besides not being able to pour and screed it all (within a short period of time) you'd probably notice mottled cold joints (after it all sets up) that would occur between the cement that has partially dried, and fresh cement that is still wet. This might cause unpredictable cracking and checking.

Now if you formed up your 12x15 pad into twenty 3x3 squares, you could do it a little (5 or 6 bags) at a time. It would look like a patchwork quilt... but it could be done. And it might be more enjoyable work if you can do it at your leisure. You could also pour it in strips like a sidewalk. 3x15, for instance, and just do that 4x on four different days. You'd just need to tool your control joints every 3' as you go.

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