Seal Coating Asphalt...

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Seal Coating Asphalt...

When should new asphalt be sealcoated? Is it bad to do it fairly soon after the paving is completed?

Is it best to have a crew spray with hot oil? Can a good job be had using 5 gal. buckets of sealer?

Is there different types, or consistancies, that give a different finish?

I have new asphalt and very old, thin and cracked asphalt on my property. Can the old driveway be "limped along" a few more years by sealcoating with a thicker, fibered mix?

Any advice on saving the old driveway for another couple years would be greatly appreciated. Thanks-Beer 4U2
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Reply to Milemaker13

First I'm no expert but in researching for my replacement asphalt driveway I've come across this recommendation:
the finer the finish asphalt coat the less quickly and frequently you need to apply liquid seal finish.
In other words, if you have a standard 1 1/2" or 2" thick finish asphalt surface coat comprised of the finer 1/4"-3/8" aggregate stone on top of a 2"/3" asphalt base (rougher aggregate), you will only need to apply liquid emulsion sealant yearly.
Turns out the larger the surface asphalt stone aggregate for the surface coat, over time, the more water is able to permeate underneath the component aggregate stone -- and, if you're located in a freeze/thaw area as I am, that is what will cause asphalt to fail.
I suppose even with the finer finish asphalt surface, if the asphalt is not compacted to spec that you'd also have to apply sealant more frequently.
Just what I've come to find out...

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