Will two sections of concrete poured at different times ever match?

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Will two sections of concrete poured at different times ever match?

I had some repair done to my new concrete driveway which ultimately resulted in the contractor cutting out a section of my driveway and repouring it about three months after the rest of the driveway was poured. It is about nine months later and the replaced section is still quite noticeably a shade(s) different than the rest of the driveway. Will this ever correct itself over time? Anyone have any knowledge on this?

Anyone have a solution for this?
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Probably not...slightly different mix, different color of sand.

There may be a solution...staining or something, but I'm not qualified to answer.
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Been pouring Crete over 30 years. Matching Crete after time is impossible. It will eventually mellow out. On the get go the color of Crete is affected by.

Time of year its poured
Different Crete company's
The amount in PSI
The Sun bleaching it
Additives in the Crete
How much it was troweled
If it was watered the next to to bring the lime out
How stiff it was poured
Where it was hand troweled or a trowel machined.

As an example, go look at a brand new home and see how white the walk is. Now go in the basement and see how much grayer the Crete. SUN plays a big roll here. Also the trowel machine steel blades in a basement floor makes a big difference in color to the point black spots can occur from "burning" the Crete top.

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