Advice Needed on Brick Walkways

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Red face Advice Needed on Brick Walkways

I am interested in doing a series of brick paths and borders in my yard. I cannot decide which is best to use, a sand/gravel bed or a concrete slab.

I live in Texas, south of Dallas. The ground is pretty unstable here (shifts a lot). The other problem is that the ground gets very, very dry here in the summer and large cracks open in the ground. If I had a sand/gravel bed, it would probably disappear in 2 or 3 years (my husband can't keep sand in his horseshoe pits). Also, we have a large problem with fire ants. So, if I went with the sand/gravel bed, would it help if I put some kind of barrier down first? Would that work? Is this even feasible?

If I did put down concrete first, where my paths and what not would be, would it help if I made it really thick, and reinforced with rebar? Could I then lay my bricks on top of that?

Or should I just forget the whole idea? We have a beautiful, park-like area off of our deck that leads down to our pond, it's got a lot of trees in it, and I just love the idea of having some brick paths and flower beds in there, and then some benches, some bird baths and fountains.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

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I've seen it done both ways, with a concrete bed & without, using gravel & sand on top. People who are against the concrete bed, say that it slows drainage. People who like a concrete bed say that the concrete will crack anyway & the water will drain. They also say it's stronger.

The only reason I would go with the concrete is the shifting problem you mentioned. Frame the width of the walk with 2x4s, compact the dirt as best you can & pour the concrete. Then put some sand on top, about a 1/2 inch. Use some copper pipes & a 2x4 to level it. Set the bricks with a rubber mallet. Another area where people disagree is mixing portland cement with the sand. It's would say use the portland. 3 sand to one portland, dry mix & a wet mix on the borders.

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