overlay in garage problems

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overlay in garage problems

I had a 2" overlay poured in my garage. I believe it's a mortar mix. All I know is that it doesn't have as much gravel in it. After it was poured the contractor let it dry a day and saw cut 5 foot squares in it then acid stained and sealed it. It was ultracrete sealer which is xylene based. Some of the seal came up where there was pebbles in it and it takes most of the stain with it. Also, it seems that any rubber that is on it for a little either takes the sealer off or puts an imprint of the tire or whatever it was on it. My main concern now is if it is strong enough now. I put a pull table in there and now if a ball drops on the floor it leaves a little ding where the pool ball hits it. It doesn't scratch it but leaves a little imprint of where the ball hit. It's been almost a month since the floor was in. I've tried calling the contractor to take a look for a few weeks but he always has some excuse and the last couple of days all I've been getting is his voice mail. Is it normal for a floor to leave dents in from a pool ball?
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Overlay in garage problems

A short answer to you question is NO. If this job had been done properly a pool ball would have no effect on it after that length of time. Unless you had a slab problem, why would a contractor put a 2" overlay on it?

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