Tire scuff marks on new sealcoated asphalt drive

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Tire scuff marks on new sealcoated asphalt drive

Our asphalt driveway was sealcoated on Wed 7/15 with RaynGuard brand SteelGuard 60. Temp at that time was about 100 degrees. Product applied about 10 am to 2 pm while driveway was under full sun.

Contractor said to wait one day before driving. We waited two days. Various cars and trucks started leaving tire scuff marks on day two and each day forward to today, 7/22. No one is doing wheelies or drag racing down the drive, just normal drive in, turn around, back up and out the drive.

Contractor says cure time is 6 to 9 months This was not disclosed to me BEFORE sealcoating. He says other customers who recently had their drives sealed in this hot weather are experiencing the same problem.

I have had drives sealed before in not-so-hot weather with no problems.

What are my options? Boss man is coming out to inspect soon but it does not sound like he is willing to re-coat or try to fix. Not sure.

I have not yet paid for the job.

Who out there has had similar problems? Anyone used the RaynGuard product?

Any comments would be helpful.
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3 basic types of asphalt sealers: emulsified asphalt, refined coal tar, and 100 % man-made acrylic polymer..

SteelGuard 60 is emulsified, which offers the lowest level of protection , especially when curing in high temps.. It will remain tacky when outside temperature is high for days....
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Question for Smitty

Is consumer Refined Coal Tar seal coat available or is it only through commercial application?

I recently ordered from Asphalt Kingdom what I thought was 100% Coal Tar driveway sealer but what arrived was 'Coal Tar Emulsion with Latex Additive' and 'water clean up'.
I looked at our local Lowe's, Home Depot to see if they carried the 100% CT product but there's are also Emulsion/waster clean up formulas. Couldn't find any at Sears or on their website store.

One other question if you're in the asphalt sealing business as your reply appears knowledgeable -- about how much to have a commercial outfit do a 160' by 10' driveway?
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Sealcoat company owner has not yet come out to inspect his job.

Anyone out there have any zingers I can lay on him?

Contract says "...All work to be completed in a workmanlike manner according to standard practices"

Does sealcoating on a 100 degree day when the asphalt temp is 150 degrees sound like a "standard practice"

Is there a asphalt/sealcoating trade association that most contractors belong to?

Come on guys, I need some ammo to get him to mitigate this problem.
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Ask him why he used that particular type, if it can't hold up to heat!!!

Remind him he said one day and you did two days!!

Tell him the reason you had it done was so it look nice. Tell him you did more than what he said and now it does not look nice and it is new. To make it right with you because he is the one that told you to only wait one day!!!!

If all else fails and he is some big dude that does not intimidate easy, your recourse is the BBB and even small claims court and take your chances.

Just so you know, this can happen to new asphalt! Cars that start turning their wheels first, when not even hardly moving, when doing Y turn maneuver in driveaway backing up, can cause that scuff, or even sink in! I know. $28,000 asphalt job where we kept off it for many days - and even 1 year later a couple instances where heavy trucks parked in spots and sunk in!!!, left tire print, and caused squirt-up ridge like meteor when it hits the moon.

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