new concrete stained by grass..normal?

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new concrete stained by grass..normal?

about 2 months ago i had various pads poured...for my oil tanks, outside 2 back doors, 1 section of front walkway, and in back of my breezeway. Yesterday i mowed the entire newly seeded lawn for the first time since then. Obviously when i neared the pads i just mowed up on them with a bit of the lawnmower wheels going up on the concrete.

and at my back door i actually spun the pushmower around on the pad to go the other way. But then i realized, i stained the new concrete with grass! sweeping off the grass didnt work and it appears my concrete is now green.

with my entire old patio (since dug out) i never had to worry about that because the original home owners had actually stained the concrete green lol. Now i realize how forward thinking that was

so what is one to do? i cant mow 'up to' the pads without going on them a bit with the mower. I do have the 'fortune' that for the one rear door i have one old section of concrete i can push the mower across to get to the other side so thats no biggie.

but where i store the mower i do have to cross an entire section of new concrete

so am i doomed to ever-green staining every time i cut my grass?
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The concrete was still to "green" and not cured 100%. A little dirt will stain it. It should wear of eventually but may not look "New" anymore" To help that you can use muriatic acid and mix it 3 parts to 1 part acid. Scrub down the Crete and rinse well with water. Another product called ShureKleen can be use and diluted also. Wet Crete before applying acid. This etches the top and will help bleach it back. It will fizzle a bit so don't freak out thats normal.

Do it in the AM on a sunny day. The sun helps bleach it while it dries

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