Dryer vent - Underground installation

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Dryer vent - Underground installation

Trying to figure out how to pipe out a dryer vent. My home basement block set is ground level. So if I was to punch a 4" hole out the sill, the dryer vent would be sitting on the ground.

For looks. I don't want to come out of the sill with 4" PVC-90 degree up- 15" riser- goose neck.

I would rather move the elbow underground. Bury the 90 degree under the ground, punching through the cinder block wall, keeping the riser flush against the wall, with a goose neck. So all you would see is the riser coming out of the ground with a 180 on top of it for water sake.

My questions are this.

Is there a certain PVC for UG use or can PVC 40 be used?

Is it ok to use PVC 40 for dryer vent since I am burring it underground, there should be no chance of static build up from the lint?

When patching the hole around the PVC, should quickcrete do the job or should I tar it also for water leakage?

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Hi dp, I can't answer all of your questions, but can advise a bit. Condensation would be an issue with an underground exhaust run, therefore if you go that direction, you may need a larger PVC pipe or other with insulation and then a metal pipe inside of that. Never done it so not sure about any details. The other issue I saw was the need for a damper flap on the exit of the vent and the ability to clean everything out.

It probably can be done, although I suspect your concerns about using PVC are correct. Others will know.


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