Cracks between Asphalt driveway and house

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Cracks between Asphalt driveway and house

I have an older house that was built in the 1950's. The driveway is in a bit rough shape, and there are cracks between the driveway and house (cinderblock foundation). Moisture isn't a problem in the basement now (unfinished), but I'd like to fix this before the spring.

I've cleaned them out, but am not sure if I should use an asphalt crack filler, a rubber compound, asphalt depression filler, or a combination of them. Also, the seal around one window needs to be replaced. Should I do that before or after fixing the asphalt? Images are here: outside driveway between house - a set on Flickr

To the best of my knowledge, I should fill the smaller cracks in with a crack filler, and then create a slop with despression filler so the water runs away from the house, and possible seal it again with a crack filler. Am I on the right track?

I live in southern Ontario, and it's going to be warmer for the next few days with no rain so I'd like to take advantage and fix this up before the snow flies. Any advice?

Much appreciated.
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The gap in the first picture seems to be quite wide. You say you cleaned the cracks. I hope that pic was before you cleaned it. It looks like you have to remove a lot more to get a solid seal & it's too big for anything in a tube.

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