Removing mortar from used brick


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I have a number of used bricks with mortar on them which I would like to reuse. Can someone suggest an EASY way to remove mortar without damaging teh bricks, that I may reuse the bricks?
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The only way I know is what I used to do as a kid. Take a hammer and carefully knock the mortar off.

If there was a truly easy way, the mortar wouldn't be able to hold the bricks together.
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Yup, Bobf got it right. I have cleaned many thousand of bricks {restoration} and the only way to do it with any speed is just knock it off, But I might recommend a chipping hammer to aim the blows a little more precisely.
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If you really want to save those bricks and the typical method of chipping it off with hammers that has been suggested doesn't get it all off, you could invest in a small diamond wheel and hand held electric grinder. The last wheel I bought was 5" in diameter by 1/8" thick and cost about $50. You can get a grinder for $90~ $150. You might not want to go to the effort or expense of trying this, but it is another method of doing a tedious & "ugly" job. Which ever method you try, IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU WEAR SAFETY GOGGLES TO DO THIS WORK!!!!!! you could buy a whole truckload of brand new bricks for what you would loose by getting chips in your eye!

PS: An old bricklayer I know once told me that the mortar isn't for holding the bricks together, it just holds them apart and keeps them from rattling!... so maybe the mortar will come off easily with the hammer method


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Removing mortar from brick

The best, fastest and safest (ie. without cracking the brick) way to remove mortar from a brick is by using an air hammer tool with a flat chisel attachment.

While using the air hammer, adjust the angle of the chisel to get optimal results. The old mortar comes off like butter...well...old, hardened butter that is.

Try it!
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Removing Mortar From Bricks

Air hammer works great and fast.

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