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Thanks for the reply. Actually I never had a leak. I had a 6 inch colored damp spot midway up on the wall, about 2 ft below ground level. I did a moisture test and found no condensation, however after it dried there was some white deposits on the wall in the shape of the spot.This was 2 weeks ago and no water has ever entered the basement. This spot occured where the seam in the wall from the forms meet. Outside the wall at this spot is a poured concrete patio, that is pitched steeply away from the house, so I can't really dig down to take a look.The grading is
properly pitched away from the house also.
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Brian: I probably would not spend too much time worrying about it. The white spot may be a limestone stain coming out of the concrete. If you don't think you have a leak, you probably don't. Limestones stains
are not that uncommon in concrete. Jack
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