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We have a concrete retaining wall we need to demolish in order to replace it. We've tried a lighter jackhammer that you can hold horizontally to pound the wall but it is not very effective. A 10-lb sledgehammer also doesn't do much. Is there any other recourse besides getting a tractor with a jackhammer on it to demolish this thing? That's an awfully expensive alternative. All ideas are welcomed.
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Only a few options exist to the home owner. Since Trade Secrets are far and few in between anymore one option that may be helpful is "demolition fluid". An introduction to the concept and method:

A couple of tips for a face assault with a jackhammer: anything less than an 80# is worthless, except for a block wall. A 3" chisel point will perform more cutting action than a moil point. Two people work in tandom. One holds the hammer in a sling, the other operates the trigger. The process is extremely hard work (been there, done that).

After adding up the costs (air compressor, air line, hammer & bit, roto-hammer & bit, demolition fluid, cutting torch or saw zaw [with plently of blades] for cutting rebar, transport and disposal fees, and your time), you may find that hiring the work done is cost effective.

For your own safety, I hope this is a non-engineered low wall that you're attacking. If not, be aware that you're playing with a potentially dangerous match book.

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My best help to you is to call in a backhoe and dump truck man. There should be plenty around your area. This is not a big operation, for the right equipment. Maybe a
couple of hours depending upon how long and high your retaining wall is. The job is not hard, there are no secrets, you just need big equipment and can handle concrete. It will be alot cheaper the if you do it. Good

Jack the Contractor
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