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I have heard that vines can ruin your brick. Does anyone know what they mean by "ruin", how long before it "ruins", is there anything you can do to prevent this?
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Ruin basically means that the brick and mortar will be more susceptible to damage from moisture and the other elements. For example, have you ever seen a blade of grass grow up through a sidewalk, or a tree root heave a roadway...the same general thing happens with vines and brick, or wood, or block, or anything else a vine can grab on to. Just about everyone knows that it's a bad idea to put plants of any type next to the house, but many people do it anyway.

There is no known time table for the damage to occur, it simply will occur at some point.

The way to fix it is to rip the vines out.
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Not all vines do damage. Many vines will insert their tendrils into the surface. This type will destroy the brick and morter.

BUT, I say again, BUT, there are also many vines that do not do this. Before you rip out the vines, take a sample to a landscaper or garden nursery. Ask them what that vine is and how it adheres to a wall.

Do NOT ask a clerk at a garden department of a big box (Lowes, HD, Menards), grocery store, or discount store(Wal-mart, K-mart).
They do not have the knowledge you need.
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